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What is ISO 14001?



The International ISO 14001 Standard relates to management systems that control the impact a company has upon its environment. In today's environmentally conscious society, an increased pressure is placed on organisations and industries, not just to pay "lip service", but to show initiative in demonstrating their green aspirations in regard to environmental issues. Reducing pollution, minimising waste and efficient use of raw materials and energy can significantly increase the company’s efficiency and reduce costs. Maintaining operations within legislation, the ISO 14001 System will protect the company, its directors and employees from prosecution.




Our Approach:


Detailed review of the workings of your company and agreement on areas of improvement and of quality system documentation.

Preparation of the Environmental Policy

Preparation and presentation of Environmental Management Manuals. Note: Help will be given in implementation, but the majority of this phase will be up to you and your staff.

Environmental Audit

Environmental Improvements



Companies should consider ISO 14001 because of:


 Increasingly stringent legislation and regulation.

Consumer perception and the need to develop a standard form of "ecolabelling.

The current fiscal policy, and the intended Government Environmental Policy using the widespread concept of "the polluter pays.

The growth of interest in, and the use of "Green" investment portfolios by financial institutions, investors and insurers.

Demand for "Open Book" policy by clients on environmental issues.


The Benefits and Opportunities of ISO 14001 Certification are:


  Improved corporate image and reputation

  Increased customer and investor confidence

  Decreased claims and liability

  Lower insurance costs

  Minimisation of EPA liability issues

  Substantially lower operating costs