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KQR Vision Statement


- The first choice of customers

- Achieve a 10% of the market share of business audit and certification

- Provide training services for 100.000 m/days in Management and System field

- One of the top five Iranian companies in Audit and Certification

- Service development in IT, Marine and Energy field

- One of three of selection for elite forces



KQR Mission Statement


We (KQR)

In order to our vision and to prevent foreign ownership and company’s information, within the borders of my homeland and its neighbors, audit and certification services, consultancy and training offer.


We are relying on team work efforts, that

Customers benefit from added value in their organisations and be satisfied,

Customers receive reliable, professional and valid service, proportional their needs.

Our partners have successful and profitable business relationship, for long-term,

Shareholders and our employees are pleased with our success in continuing,


And we believe the success we have in Iran In promoting management and quality.

Because we are the best in customer reverence, most accurate in identifying needs, advantage of skilled and professional manpower, new tools and techniques are managerial and communication, our most loyal towards our society, committed to the dignity and greatness of Iran.


KQR prides itself on working in partnership with each customer to ensure that their management systems are implemented in line with the requirements of the appropriate standard whilst reflecting the needs of the industry. Our assessors have considerable experience of working in their relevant industries and are assessed against competency criteria laid out within international standards.




KQR Impartiality Statement




Being Impartial, and being perceived to be impartial, is necessary for our conformity assessment services that provide confidence to customers and society.




Keyhan Quality Registrar:


  Provides its services in an open, independent and impartial manner to all clients. All clients are treated equitably and are expected to achieve the same level of performance to the conformity assessment standard.




  Makes it certification decisions based on objective evidence of conformity obtained through a competent audit process in which decisions are not influenced by other interests or other parties.




  Understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its management system certification activities and manage any conflict of interest.



For confident implementation of this policy, impartiality committee which consisting of external parties concerned to KQR, periodically review all activities and assess impartiality.



Client Declaration




The Client Charter states KQR's code of conduct and promise of great customer service:




  KQR's aim is to provide clients with an excellent value added service that enhances clients' businesses.


  KQR will at all times act with courtesy, fairness and professional integrity in its dealing with clients. It will not engage in any activity that could be considered a conflict of interest and affect its ability to provide impartial certification services.


  The process to registration and thereafter with KQR will be made straightforward and trouble-free.


  Quotations will be issued promptly and applications dealt with effectively, maximising the benefit to the client.


  Client visits will be arranged and undertaken in a timely manner.


  Auditors will behave professionally seeking added value for the client.


  Reports will be comprehensive and enlightening.


  Certificates will be issued promptly and efficiently.


  The needs of the client will be of principal concern to KQR in ongoing registration.


  KQR will provide support to its clients by technical advice, information and contacts, seminars and helpdesk.


  Financial interfaces with the client will be straightforward, correct and timely.


  General correspondence and contact with the client will at all times be courteous and professional.

KQR will listen to its clients and seek to improve its service at all times.



What is accreditation?




KQR holds accreditation from NACI (National Accreditation Center of Iran)


Accreditation by NACI means that KQR is regularly and rigorously assessed against internationally recognised standards to demonstrate its competence, impartiality and performance capability.


To view KQR's full scope of accreditation, please visit: